Lancashire Archives now on Find My Past

Leading UK family history website, Findmypast, has announced that Lancashire is the latest county to join their collection of UK parish records. Over 4.5 million parish records held by the Lancashire Archives and spanning more than 450 years of the county’s history are now available to search, including; Lancashire Baptisms Discover your ancestor in in … [Read more…]

Eureka! Found them!

Hello again, family detectives! Every family historian comes up against a brick wall.  Mine was the first arrival of Catherine Brogan and Edmund (Ned) Collins.  No matter how hard or how often I searched, there seemed to be no birth or emigration records for that elusive pair. Solving this mystery is a great lesson in … [Read more…]

Calling all Family History Detectives!

As Family History week comes to an end, it’s time to look at the difference between Genealogy and Family History.  Here are the dictionary definitions; Genealogy: a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor. Family History: The history of a family; a narrative about this. Family Historians always start by identifying their ancestors, applying the basic principles … [Read more…]