Hello World, this is Me!

I’m Christine Sutton, Family Historian and Writer. Born in 1946 in Preston, England, I spent my early years in an environment where tales of my parent’s childhood and family myths were bedtime stories, and life’s lessons were handed down at the dining table and in the kitchens and sitting rooms of grandmothers and aunties.  My interest in genealogy was sparked in 1982 when, at my mother-in-law’s funeral, I discovered cousins born in the 1940s who were of the same generation as my 1970s children. Like so many others, I asked myself  ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ and turned to research to find the answers. My family history focus has shifted over the past 35 years.  From building a family tree, I’ve moved on to look closely at the people behind the names and dates.

My mantra is, “It’s not the tree that matters, it’s the fruit”. It’s the driver for discovering the “Who? When? Where? What? Why? And How?” of our family history. It has led me to look closely, down the generations at individuals, places, historical events, photographs and possessions that have had an influence on who the Amblers and Suttons are today.

I live with my partner and our crazy labradoodle, Nicnak Tiger Woods, in a retirement resort in Beachmere, Queensland.